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Professor Eike Steinmann, PhDProfessor Eike Steinmann, PhD 

Eike Steinmann studied biology at the University Hannover, with emphasis on Virology and Microbiology. After a DAAD scholarship for study at Northeastern University in Boston, he completed his diploma at the Institute for Virology of the Veterinary University of Hannover. For his Ph.D. thesis, Eike Steinmann switched to the Department for Molecular Virology in Heidelberg. Together with Prof. Pietschmann, he then was appointed to TWINCORE in 2007. The research group “Virus Transmission” of Prof. Eike Steinmann is working on molecular and clinical transmission pathways of HCV and HEV causing severe infections in humans. Therefore, new prevention strategies and therapies for these two RNA viruses should be developed. Risks of virus transmission in the environment, especially in the hospital should be identified as well as effective methods for virus inactivation established and validated. In April 2018, Eike Steinmann was appointed as Director to the Department of Molecular and Medical Virology at the Ruhr-University in Bochum.